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Colombia Decaf

Creamy, Cocoa, Plum
The most delicious decaf coffee we’ve ever tasted.
This special lot was constructed during a cupping competition (The Acevedo Cup), which held it’s inaugural event in the municipality of Acevedo, Colombia. Producers located in and around the hamlets surrounding Acevedo town delivered coffees and any lot that met the physical criteria and had a cup score of at least 86 points was accepted. A small panel of local and international judges selected 20 of the best coffees submitted and ranked them from 1-20 over the course of three days of cupping. They then built “hamlet blends” based of cup profile from the lots that were accepted  but did not make the top 20. Everyone who’s coffee made it into competition was offered great prices- the top 20 received incrementally better prices. Our decaf blend was constructed from the many day lots after the competition! The varieties are: Caturra, Tabi, and Castillo.