The Mill was founded in 2013 by Nicholas Minton, a Speciality Coffee Professional and Ilah Rose Minton, an Artist. Their company began as a coffee stall at the Saturday Farmers Market in Midtown, where together they brought a cafe-quality coffee & tea experience en plein air. As their business thrived, in 2014 they began designing and building their first cafe a mere three blocks from their market stall. The transformation of that space into their much admired I Street cafe is an expression of the couples fierce creativity and collective ambition. 

In 2017 the couple launched their long awaited coffee roasting program for The Mill. Soon after they began the remodel of an old beloved mid-century building for their 2nd Mill cafe location in East Sacramento. The cafe site also housed the opportunity to design a production space that became The Mill's Coffee Roasting & Tea Studio, the first of its kind in Sacramento. In this space they procure their Coffee & Herbal offerings, with 'state of the art' equipment and age old methods. 

Their story continues on from there, as they continue to bring their unique vision and creativity to Specialty Coffee- Tea and Herbs, in Sacramento.