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Jasmine Pearls

Jasmine Scented Green Tea
Traditionally Jasmine Flower Scented
Two Leaf & a Bud Plucking Standard
Fujian Province
Our Jasmine Pearls create a lovely aromatic cup of tea, to invigorate your early rise or uplift your senses in the afternoon. Infusion after infusion Jasmine Pears unfurl releasing their abundant floral aroma, which is a result of the careful processing it takes to create each pearl. A ratio of about 60% tea to 40% Jasmine flower is used for our tea. Fresh Jasmine is laid over the resting tea and allowed to oxidise there (see photograph), and painsakingly removed by hand after the Jasmine has left its scent on the tea completely. This traditional scenting process is repeated 3 to 5 times with fresh Jasmine and last for nearly three weeks, before the tea is hand rolled into pearls. We hope you enjoy the careful processing and abundand florality of this special handcrafted tea.
Jasmine Pearls are packaged by hand at our Tea Studio in Sacramento, California. Each tea pouch is resealable & labeled elegantly.
Brewing suggestion: 2-4g of Jasmine Pearls, 195 degree filtered water, about 8-12 onces, let pearls steep for a minute or less. Atleast 4 infusions are very enjoyable.