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White Moonlight Pu-erh

White Tea Pu-erh
Rare Tea

 An exceptional Yue Guang Bai (Moonlight White). The unique ‘dark’ withering by slow natural air drying is a similar process used in Fujian for producing White Tea. Luscious wildflower flavors, and herbaceous sweetness are aids to the softness in each infusion. White Moonlight can be a bridge between sheng (raw) pu-erh and white tea styles- enjoyable and mysterious. This tea will only get better with age, if you can keep from drinking it.

White Moonlight is packaged by hand at our East Sacramento tea studio in a resealable premium tea pouch adorned with a watercolored label.

Preparation Suggestions
4g-5g of tea, 8oz-12oz filtered water at 195 degrees, 60 second steeps. This tea requires no initial rinse. Enjoy over 7 steeps, try exhausting these precious buds & leaves.