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Tribute Snow Lotus

Tribute Yin Zhen Pu-erh
Rare Tea

Snow Lotus is made of delicate buds that are entirely hand picked from a former tribute tea tree; an ‘old growth' mother bush that towers amongst dense forrest above 5,500 ft. elevation. The slender white buds are visually reminiscent of Yin Zhen Bi Hao (Silver Needles), however the complexity and richness surpasses Silver Needle in every way, especially in the lingering finish.  A popular tea across all styles and preferences.  Great tea to age, if you can keep from drinking it.

Tribute Snow Lotus is packaged by hand at our East Sacramento tea studio in a resealable premium tea pouch adorned with a watercolored label.

Preparation Suggestions
5g of tea, 8oz filtered water at 195 degrees, 60 second steeps. This tea requires no initial rinse. Enjoy over 7 steeps, try exhausting these precious leaves. Wonderful as a cold brewed tea as well.