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Butterfly Water

Handcrafted Herbal Tea

Our newest herbal tea is reverie, inspired by the life floating between sky and garden. The first of our uniquely formulated blends to incorporate two US Organically cultivated Chinese medicinal plants: Chrysanthemum and a unique Chinese Mint variety. Butterfly Water is a unique tea, that exemplifies our love for the ever changing sky and the many lives in our garden. This tea is lunar soft, sweet and has a welcome lovely verbena kiss. 

Butterfly Water is created and packaged by hand at The Mill Coffee Roasting & Tea Studio in Sacramento, California. Our new tea pouches use compostable plant fiber and recyclable materials with one thin plastic inner layer to protect the herbs from moisture and environmental aromatics. We hope you enjoy them!

Due to the limited quantity of the Verbena Harvest, from a special beautiful old verbena tree (yes she is a full on tree) we have a small supply of this blend this season. Please enjoy.

Proud members of United Plant Savers & other Medicinal Herb Co-ops and not for profit herbal farming groups.

(The crescent moon photo was taken from our telescope from Midtown,Sacramento near the I street cafe this summer.)