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Ethiopia Kore Grade 1

Ethiopia Kore
Region: Yirgacheffe
Raspberry, Sweet Cream, Milk Chocolate
Ethiopia Kore is a classic Yirgacheffe, full of florality, sweet red fruits, each balanced by sweet cream and milk chocolate in the finish. 
Kochere District is found in Gedeo Zone, located at the South Western part of Gedo, 340km away from the capital Addis Abada. In relation to the surrounding area, Kochere is located at a lower altitude which ranges between 1700-1900 masl on a medium to high slope with undulating landscapes.
The coffee trees are grown under legume shade trees. Farmers practice a traditional agroforestry system where coffee and Enset (False banana) grow under the shade of the larger legumes. The soil is covered with dead leaves of Enset so as to maintain soil moisture and fertilize the farm. The overall land look like a well maintained forest when looked upon from the outside.