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Las Bromelias

Las Bromelias
Sparkling Acidity, Mango, Cherry, Cocoa Nib
Las Bromelias is a small, single farm lot, fully washed and fermented for 24 hours, before drying on patios for 14 days.
Producer Nayo Ovalle is the owner of the farm, whose name 'Las Bromelias' honors the Bromeliads populating the area. His family has been growing on 9.5 hectares since 1958 and at 49 years old he continues doing this labor, pursuing high quality coffees. Nayo uses Chalum, Inga and Gravileas regional trees to give shade to the coffee plantation.
We are very excited to offer this coffee. We haven't had a coffee in our line up like Las Bromelias in a very long time. Las Bromelias has a punchy sweetness, with a juicy and bright quality and all of the balance of deep cherry and cocoa notes. A truly full spectrum coffee, that comes as a simple reminder of why we are so in love with coffee.