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Peru Apaylla

Honey Pecan, Boysenberry, Rose
Washed -  36 Hour Fermentation - Small Holder Farms
Peru - Inkawasi Valley - Organic

We’ve been holding onto a jewel; the final coffee release from the cupping we held earlier in the season when fresh crop African coffees were first arriving. You might remember that we hold blind cuppings when making selections of new coffees, and we even imagined offering this experience to you by not putting the origin on the front of the bag, so you too could have access to a similar experience. Despite our years of specialty coffee & tea experience; we easily pegged this coffee as an Ethiopia, the dark berry sweetness well known and loved qualities of a Yirgacheffe, among others. By flavor and character alone we selected cup Number 6 immediately. "Blindly we suspected we had found the delicious Ethiopia we were hoping to add to our collection. This demonstrates an important experiential fact about flavor, region, character, that while favors and characteristics do align with certain regions remarkably well over time, but, in the case of the coffee before you, it’s not congruent with this experience. Peru Apaylla is filled with bold juicy dark berry, blooming rose and honey pecan in our sample roasts and these flavors were cared for in the production roasts we are pleased to share with you now. While you don't exactly get the surprise of the blind cupping, what you do get is to recognize and admire with us the incredible flavors coming out of this rich producing region: Peru Apaylla. Let it defy your understanding of what flavors you "like and what regions you "associate with them. It’s not quite stepping out of the box, but non the less, we are honored to have this coffee in our autumn line.