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Purple Flower White Flower

Handcrafted Herbal Tea
"One of my favorite medicinal flowers is White Yarrow and the places I love rambling most, Yarrow grows wild. It was the foremost plant I was able to harvest, dry, and process for my herbal tea project, in the early summer heat of Sacramento. A sight to behold when the beautiful White Yarrow flowers fell over a bed of lavender flowers, I knew right then they belonged together.  When what is needed is akin to a bright star or a quilt to lie under, so to this blend."  - Ilah Rose

Purple Flower White Flower is created and packaged by hand at The Mill Coffee Roasting & Tea Studio in Sacramento, California. Our new tea pouches use compostable plant fiber and recyclable materials with one thin plastic inner layer to protect the herbs from moisture and environmental aromatics.
We hope you enjoy them!
All herbs are organically & locally cultivated.